Steamboat Ski Resort

164 trails, 3,668 vertical feet, 2965 skiable acres covering 6 peaks…this is Steamboat.

Many people swear by the “champagne” powder, which tends to come very deep and very often. The trails show great variety; groomed runs, nice bumps, good trees and low ice. You’ll find skiing that is appropriate for all ages who love powder.

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Unlike many ski resorts, Steamboat sits at a lower altitude (great news if you’ve ever been gasping at Breck!), but the mountain itself is plenty high, so you won’t find the runs any shorter.

Boarders and freestylers can drool over the Maverick’s Superpipe; 450 x 56 feet with 18-foot walls and a 22-foot transition. Right next door, Steamboat offers a full-featured terrain park which includes the Mini-Mav pipe with eight-foot walls.

The season typically runs from November to April, but be warned: the snow in the final two months is much less predictable, as is the staff in the first month. If you can, plan your trip between December and February for the best possible experience.

Steamboat Springs is a godsend for skiers sick of trendy, expensive resort towns. Restaurants and shopping are generally high-quality and reasonably-priced. The Western atmosphere is genuine, the locals friendly, and your experiences can generally be as lively or laid-back as you prefer.

You’ll find the mountain and the town both significantly less crowded than many resorts, but crowds (and prices) have been increasing gradually, with the usual peak being weekends. Especially early or late in the season, this can result in less frequent grooming and less safety when the slopes get crowded, as the staff may be spread a little too thin.

Otherwise, there are few complaints. The reason the powder is so nice is that the weather tends to be very cold and dry — don’t expect California mountain temperatures. If you’re looking for serious nightlife, you may be disappointed; this is neither trendy nor a big Spring Break-type destination.

Bottom Line: For any skill level, if you love powder and avoid pretentious crowds, you and Steamboat are made for each other. If you’re mainly looking for a party, you might want to consider somewhere else.

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