Breckenridge Ski Resort

2,208 acres, 146 ski trails, and the highest chair lift in North America (up 12,840 feet!)

Great location coming from Denver, though fresh powder reports can slow the drive considerably (especially on Saturdays). Weekends pose the greatest risk for crowding, of course, but Breckenridge is rarely too busy to keep things moving at an acceptable pace — unless you’re the chronically impatient type.

If you’re rubbed the wrong way by squeaky-clean, overly planned ski towns, Breck is just what the doctor ordered: an authentic wild-west mining town which offers good nightlife options. Relatively-speaking, the prices are pretty good (and much better off the mountain, of course).

A nice touch is that once you arrive, you never have to drive; between the buses and the gondola, you’re covered.

Good mix of skill levels, especially at both extremes; beginners have plenty of green (including the not-to-be-missed 3 1/2 mile “Four O’Clock” trail) and there are some insane possibilities for the Double-Black-plus types.

The average intermediate skier may find themself disappointed by a specific trail (the easier blues are closer to green, and the harder closer to black), but there are many to choose from. The mountain is heavily groomed, which suits some people more than others.

A variety of half-pipes and terrain parks make Breck a great choice for boarders and freestylers. Whether you’re a novice newschooler or a death-defying pro, you’ll have your own perfect park.

For those in need of a little body adjustment, Breckenridge offers on-site physical therapy services. Whether you’re feeling sore or have questions about how you could keep your technique in tip top shape, you can visit the Best Physical Therapy NYC had to offer, which just opened offices right here in Breck! Learn stretches and simple yoga positions that will bring a new dimension to your skiing.

Problems: more wind than you want, and maybe more ice than you want.

Overall complaints? Not many…the crowds can get to you. Other than that, just minor things to be aware of, such as the altitude (the town itself is at 9600 feet). Some edgy types may find the atmosphere a touch too quaint and family-friendly (though a couple of my own nightlife experiences argue somewhat against that charge).

Bottom Line: the perfect Breck skier would be a freestyler from the Denver area who doesn’t think much of crafted resorts, or a group or family of various skill levels who want an unforgettable vacation together.

This has always been one of my favorites & it is easy to see why. It is one of the best in the world as far as I am concerned. If you are looking for a luxurious vacation you should get over here & give us a try. Many first time guests leave feeling like one of the family. We are always striving to please. We offer our guests a once in a lifetime stay each & every time they visit. There is a good reason why we see the same faces year after year & we would like to include you in that as well.

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